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Awnings for Pergolas

The word ‘pergola’ comes from the Latin word pergula, which means projecting eave or walkway. Reflecting classic Roman garden design, they are designed to be purely ornamental and to promote the enjoyment of the outdoor space. A pergola is a permanent structure that is designed to be covered or uncovered depending on the season. Some garden designs see pergolas covered in foliage or flowers which are either full all year round, or die back in winter leaving just the stems and branches. If you’re looking for a more permanent and versatile solution – one that doesn’t require watering or maintenance – then awnings for pergolas by Helioscreen, Markilux may be for you.

Conservatory and pergola awnings differ from freestanding styles such as folding arm awnings in that they do not require supporting arms to hold up the fabric. Rather, they run along tracks on the top, inside or underside of the pergola frame. They usually retract towards the building and are operated manually, although automation options are available. Choose from a variety of fabrics, including semi-shade and completely opaque fabrics. You can even choose to have café blinds extending down the side of the pergola frame, giving you the option of a completely enclosed space.

We supply and install Helioscreen and Markilux pergolas and glass roof awnings on both new and existing structures. We are happy to retrofit your pergola with an awning, or work with your builders to install the perfect awning during the construction process. For more information on our range or to make a time for a consultation, call the Sunteca team on 1300 853 518.