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External Louvres

Helioscreen Louvres are a special type of external blinds which mimic the versatility and adjustability of venetian blinds, yet are designed to sit on the outside of the window, giving extra protection to the glass itself as well as maximising interior space. They are also great for controlling and modulating airflow; you can have windows open and louvres set to the angle of your choice, to capture as little or as much of the natural breeze as you like. Our range of external louvres, from leading brands such as Helioscreen and Luxaflex, offers you extra options in terms of exterior architecture, as they add interest and dimensionality to the appearance of the exterior.

In contrast to interior blinds, external louvres are often considered more energy efficient as they can block more light and prevent the glass itself from getting warm, therefore preventing the dissipation of heat in the room. Whilst many designs are more decorative, featuring options such as a choice of colours to match or contrast the colour of the exterior paint, some are made from light yet durable materials such as aluminium. In contrast to old-fashioned wooden shutters, these offer UV and glare blockage without the weight and heft of fully framed wooden designs.

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