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Markilux Awnings

Would you like an outdoor shade solution that’s versatile, convenient and compact? Do you prefer low-maintenance home improvements? Are you still searching for the perfect Markilux awnings online? Then you’ll love the range we supply here at Sunteca!

We supply and install cassette-style Markilux awnings Sydney wide, on all properties from small apartments and townhouses to large family homes and even commercial properties. The thing that’s so great about this particular make and model is the way the cassette is completely closed when retracted. This keeps all the dust, dirt and debris out of the way, so that when the awning is extended again, it’s clean and tidy. So, if you’re extending the awning for the first time at the beginning of summer, you won’t have to get up there with a hose and brush before it’s fresh and presentable for guests! In addition, the design has a great width to projection ratio, so these Markilux awnings are suitable for any size and shape of yard. Take a look at the images below for an idea of what’s possible.

The team at Sunteca are more than happy to answer any technical and design questions you may have about this range. To book your free quote, please call 1300 853 518.

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