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Markilux Roof Festoon Conservatory Shade

Interior shading with airy functionality and an inviting atmosphere

An interior installation enables you to bathe your space in a truly special atmosphere, creating cool shade in the summer and cosy insulation in the winter. markilux roof festoon

A markilux through and through.

Tensioned supporting wires (v. table below left) not only enable the festoon to be fitted securely but also give it its characteristic look.

The cover is manufactured from Trevira CS, a fabric with indispensable features for markilux Baldachin: lightfast and antistatic, air permeable, washable up to 40°, dimensionally stable and, above all, permanently flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102 B 1.

markilux – Baldachin is available in sizes up to a maximum 23 m², with a maximum width of 500 cm or a maximum projection of 610 cm.

The festoon can be fitted with either manual cord pulley
operation or a motor (surcharge).

From a width of 450 cm only eletric operation is available.
Manually operated Baldachin awnings have one transportation cord, motor-driven awnings have two.
The roof festoon will work perfectly well up to an angle of 20°.

Triangular Sun Shade:

The markilux innovation that provides triangular shading. Can be used for both interior or exterior applications.

  • electric operation as standard
  • a round cassette with patented clip-on bracket system
    (a square cassette is not available)
  • all-purpose aplication- can be used for interior and exterior,
    horizontal and bevel applications
  • optimised cover tension through two track profiles,
    two gas pistons, and two tensioning wires
  • covers availabe in plain acrylic, perfotex, sunsilk, and swela
    transolair (no patterns available- just uni fabrics)

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