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Luxaflex Opalessence Duette blinds puts the shimmer into shade

09 Apr,2008

They are already a favorite among interior designers and homeowners, with their honeycomb pleats and energy efficiency. Now, Luxaflex Duette Shades, available from Sunteca have taken a shine to shimmer.

The spun-bonded polyester fabric of the new Duette Shades, Opalessence, contains mica, a naturally iridescent mineral. The result is a look, which will complement the metallic trend now featuring strongly in Australian home decor.

By day, Duette Shades Opalessence diffuses sunlight and glare by creating a calming dappled look. But at night they take on a totally different aura, shimmering as the mica attracts and enhances interior lighting, making the shades a decorative feature in their own right.

Two distinctive Opalessence fabric ranges are available. One features gold, the other silver. Both impart a lustrous eye-catching appearance.

There’s a choice of operation modes. Luxaflex Duette Shades Opalessence is available with PowerRise, giving the convenience of motorisation at the touch of a remote control button. Alternatively, Duette UltraGlide is a control system that allows the Shades to smoothly operate using a single retractable cord.

The cords are all child safe.


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