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markilux stretch awnings

30 Aug,2008

There is no standard size for patios and balconies. They vary in size and shape. A tailor-made awning is therefore the perfect solution in particular for narrow patios, courtyards and balconies that are deeper than they are wide. Classic awning types are not the right choice for such areas. These are by definition wider than they are deep, so that only a part of the required area can be shaded. An awning with a particularly large extension is what’s needed here.

Special folding-arm technology
markilux offers stretch models to provide tailor-made solutions for these areas. The 1200, 1300 and 1600 stretch awnings provide full shade for patios and balconies with a depth from one and a half to four metres. Restricted to the 1300 up to now, two further models are now available featuring this special function. To provide the large extension for narrow widths, all awnings are fitted with special folding-arm technology: The particularly long and sturdy arms are positioned one above the other when the awning is retracted. The stretch trio offers different types of awnings to suit all requirements: From the open awning system for covered patios and balconies via the award-winning semi-cassette to the cover cassette offering complete cover protection. The cleverly designed mechanism and high-quality materials ensure that these practical space savers give years of reliable service. A sturdy roller with a diameter of 85 millimetres provides for maximum stability and a perfectly rolled up cover. The powder-coated frame and the front profiles made of drop-forged aluminium add to extend the life-span of the awning. A number of additional practical functions such as motor operation, sun and wind sensors, markilux heater or the Shadeplus complement the stretch function to enhance comfort. Over 200 cover patterns from the new fabric collection 2008+ made of acrylic or self-cleaning sunsilk SNC are available on all these awnings.


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